BPS Philosophy & Vision

BPS Philosophy & Vision

Bloor Pain Specialists is a Top-Tier Multidisciplinary Interventional Pain Management Specialists – Physicians and Surgeons Specializing in Spine Pain Management and Spine Care.

Our Mission

To be the best pain management center in Ontario

To inspire others to excel, to raise the standard of care all throughout the province

To push the boundaries of medical knowledge by doing research to improve quality of care for all patients

Leadership and Accessibility

BPS is a leader in accessible high quality pain management in Ontario and we aim to expand that access, not only by expanding capacity beyond that seen anywhere else in Ontario, but also by recruiting some of the best trained Specialists from here and abroad. Most patients in Ontario have to wait months, if not years, to see a specialist, while remaining in pain the whole time. We aim to change that. Putting Patients First, our doctors and staff work additional hours to meet the needs of our community and to keep wait times to a minimum.

Our Philosophy

At BPS, we have a Patients First philosophy, much like some of the largest and most renowned healthcare organizations in the world. Our staff will aim to go out of their way to help our patients, their families, and to support our communities. Pain is difficult to live with and we recognize the need for early and timely care to improve quality of life. Our staff will work with our referring physicians and their teams to optimize scheduling and outcomes and prioritize Patients First in a multidisciplinary and collaborative fashion.