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Bloor Pain Specialists organization is actively recruiting and building a multidisciplinary group with multiple anesthesiologists with sub-specialty interventional pain management training, sports medicine specialists, physiatrists, chiropractics, neurologists, interventional radiologists, and surgeons.

BPS is managed by Dr. Frederick Ma and Dr. Ognjen Visnjevac (“Dr. V”) and is actively expanding to include physiatrists, interventional anesthesiologists, neurologists, interventional radiologists, and surgeons.

Dr. Ma

About Dr. Ma

Frederick Ma, MD, is a chronic pain physician licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and he leads the diagnostic wing of Bloor Pain Specialists. Patients referred to BPS will usually be seen by Dr. Ma first for an assessment, appropriate investigations, initial treatment, and Dr. Ma will coordinate their care with the other members of the team for additional assessments or interventional procedures.

Dr. Ma finished his residency at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio with a focus on sports medicine.

Dr. Ma treats patients with headache disorders, chronic TMJ disorders, chronic tendinopathies, sciatica, axial spine disorders, neuropathies, and common musculoskeletal disorders like joint pain, back pain, neck pain, and sacroiliac joint pain. He has provided care for patients at post surgical, orthopedic, stroke, and geriatric wards at Providence Health Care in Toronto, an acute rehabilitation hospital, from 2016-2020.

Dr. Ma takes special interest in combat sports, sports injuries, and regenerative injection therapies, and provides ring-side medical care to competitive boxers as part of Boxing Ontario. He provides care for athletes and non-athletes alike.

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About Dr. Visnjevac (aka “Dr. V”)

The BPS Interventional Spine Pain Program is led by Dr. Ognjen (Ogi) Visnjevac, MD, FRCPC, D.ABA (ANES), D.ABA (PM). Dr. Visnjevac is a triple-boarded pain management specialist with a focus on spine pain currently accepting new patients at Bloor Pain Specialists in Toronto (Etobicoke), ON.

Dr. V is an FRCPC anesthesiologist who completed his interventional pain management sub-specialty training at the Cleveland Clinic, the largest academic pain management department in the US, and practices as a staff pain management specialist at Cleveland Clinic Canada as well as Bloor Pain Specialists.

Dr. V also serves as adjunct faculty at McMaster University in the Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department. Dr. Visnjevac enjoys teaching and inspiring medical students, residents, and pre-med students. He regularly gives lectures, teaches clinical workshops, and provides clinical bedside education, the last of which he feels is the most rewarding of the three.

Dr. Visnjevac is passionate about improving the quality of his patients’ lives and, as such, is an avid medical researcher. Although his two primary foci of research are (a) Radiofrequency Ablation (aka RFA or Rhizotomy) and (b) Ketamine Infusions, he is interested in a broad spectrum of research that can improve patient care in the field of Interventional Pain Management as a whole, including alternative uses of pain management medications like Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) to cure and treat cancer. As such, Dr. Visnjevac leads the BPS Research Division.

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Dr. Catapano

About Dr. Hien Ta

Dr. Hien Ta is an anesthesiologist and a pain consultant at Bloor Pain Specialists. He holds current certification in the Royal College of Physicians of Canada as well as the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

He is a consultant in Pain Medicine from 2009 to present. Additionally, he has a professional membership in the Canadian Medical Association, the Ontario Medical Association and is a member of the chronic pain section of the OMA, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators.

He is also a member of the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto. He is also C-CAT (PM) certified by the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment (CAPDA) and the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME).

He is an assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in Anesthesiology and in Chronic Pain. He is also an assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia in Anesthesiology.


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