Our Services

At Bloor Pain Specialists, our physicians put Patients First for top-tier comprehensive multidisciplinary pain management care. This starts with your referral, an assessment, and appropriate investigations, followed by an initial treatment plan. Pain, as defined by the IASP, has both physical (nociceptive or neuropathic) and emotional components. Hence, both physical and psychological rehabilitative efforts are an important part of improving patient outcomes. We will coordinate that care.


For those patients that might benefit from interventional pain management procedures, referring physicians and patients need not look any further. We are Specialists in Image-Guided Procedures and Interventions.

Common examples include

Radiofrequency ablations (RFA) for back, neck, and ribs/chest wall pain

Pulsed RFA for shooting pains/sciatica/nerve damage/pain

Epidural steroid injections (ESI) for disc herniations, protrusions, and extrusions, radicular pains, or sciatica

Selective nerve root blocks

Image-guided joint injections

Image-guided nerve blocks of all types

BPS is also the only ketamine infusion center (full OHIP covered) in Etobicoke. Ketamine infusions can drastically reduce wide-spread pain (fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, CRPS) and ketamine can biochemically strengthen our physical coping mechanisms, bolstering our stress tolerance.

At BPS, we consider patient education paramount to empowering our patients and provide a broad spectrum of patient resources to improve their outcomes.

We collaborate with our communities, provide evidence-based educational session free of charge to other physician groups, and publish online Physician Resources because at BPS, we truly believe in collaboration with our referral base and our communities.


Last, but not least, our physicians actively engage in education through their faculty affiliations, teaching residents, and conducting ongoing research to better the field of Interventional Pain Management.